CISO Think Tank San Francisco

These days, critical security breaches make the headlines on a regular basis and every Chief Information Security Officer (CISO) knows that it’s no longer a question of if they’re going to happen, but when. Even so, convincing others in the C-suite to be proactive with critical security measures is a constant challenge. How well you influence and inform your fellow executives about the overall business risk is pivotal to securing support for critical new strategic security initiatives.

Come meet with industry leaders and your peers at the “Think Tank” sponsored by Imperva, where you’ll discuss real-world security concerns and the ever-increasing threats to critical data and apps. Together you will all share your experiences and expertise and brainstorm ways to better inform and influence the C-suite and your Board on the impact of cyber-attacks to the business. Leave with a well thought out plan to protect critical data, apps and your company’s reputation.

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